A Season To Remember

It was a great ride!  To all Met fans and players, keep you heads up.  We have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.  We had one heck of a season and I only see it getting better for us next year.  Until then….  GO METS!!!

A Memorable Weekend At Shea

It was 20 years ago that the NY Mets "Dream Team, as I like to call them, beat the Boston Red Sox and gave NY a World Series win.  They stood on the field together, wearing their throwback jerseys and were celebrated for being an amazing part of Mets history.  They were applauded by a full house, high fiving and hugging each other as there were remembered for their brilliance 20 years ago.  AHHH, the glory.  That joy carried on through the night as the Mets beat Colorado 7-4.   We went on to win again 2-0 Sunday afternoon.  It was a great pitching performance by Hernandez, along with "The Closer" went on keep Colorado from scoring a run.  It was a beautiful game, and that win gave us the sweep.  Tomorrow we take on St. Louis, who is looking to maintain their lead in the NL Central.  This 3 game series could be a preview of what could be in the post season.  We’ve got Maine (3-3) going against Weaver (5-13).  We played some really good baseball this weekend and I hope that will continue though the rest of this week.  GO METS!!!


Bad news this weekend about Glavine.  With Pedro out for a while and the possibility of losing Glavine, it looks like we could be in for a struggle heading into the post season.  The question everyone seems to be asking is, "Should we have done more to trade before the deadline?".  It looks like Heilman is stepping up to the plate and working hard, knowing he could possibly become a very strong part of the bullpen now.  My thoughts are with Glavine.  I can’t imagine facing a possible career ending issue.  The Mets may have a tough road ahead, but as we proved 20 years ago… anything can happen and we’ve got a good group of guys that can make it happen.


Well, not a whole lot to say about our series against the Phillies.  Thank goodness we have a hefty lead in our division.  Otherwise that would have been MUCH more painful to watch.  Glad for the win in game four…. no one wants to be swept.  Here’s to hoping for a more prosperous series against Colorado.  GO METS!

Mets Secure A Series Win In DC

Despite a strong performance by Glavine, the Nats took game one in Washington with Traber on the mound.  We would answer back though.  On Saturday, we were ready to play.  Even though Maine’s scoreless steak ended, we ended up beating them 6-4.  The Mets took the lead early in the 3rd, with Maine, Reyes and Lo Duca all touching home base, giving us a 3-0 lead.  We kept the lead until the 6th inning, when A Soriano homered to center and brought Castro home (4-3).  Later in the inning Lopez scored making it a tie game.   That wouldn’t last long.  Our big hitters took the stage in the 7th inning.  Beltran and Wright scored, giving us the lead again and we would maintain that for the rest of the game.  Wagner came in and closed out the 9th inning for us, securing the win.  On to Sunday.  It was a pitchers duel!  Trachsel pitched some strong innings, allowing the Nats only one run (a Soriano home run).  The Nats kept the lead until the 7th inning (what is it about us doing so well in the 7th inning?) when Mr. Wright came home with the tying run.  Michael Tucker hit his first home run in more than a year to break the tie in the eighth inning.  Tucker Then in the 9th J Valentin hit a sacrifice fly to right and C Beltran scored, making the score 3-2.  Bring in the closer!  Wagner comes in and closes out another game for us.  We took the series 2-1.  Now we move on to Philly.  They are looking to redeem themselves after a 2-1 series loss to the Reds.  Looks like it will be Pedro (9-4) will be going against Hamels (4-6).  Pedro is going for his 10th win against the Phillies tonight.  This is his 17th career start against them and is (as I read earlier) only 15 strikeouts shy of becoming the 14th Major League pitcher to reach the 3,000 mark.  The Mets hope to further extend their lead in the NL East.  We’re behind you all the way!  GO METS!!!!

Another Outstanding Performance at Shea

Well, the NY Mets have done it again.  No question as to why the NY Mets are # one right now.  Even w/ injuries and trades, it seems no one in the NL can keep us down.  Mixing the old with the new seems to be an awesome way to go, as we grow closer to October.  Kudos to Piazza for a nice performance over the last 3 days, but it wasn’t enough to keep us down.  Trachsel got us off to a good start on Wednesday, w/ Billy Wagner closing it out w/ another save.  Despite two Piazza home runs off Pedro on Wednesday, we pulled of another win, bringing us closer to our 3 game home sweep.  Now let’s talk about Thursday.  While Hernandez Hernandez did a nice job pitching (keeping the Padres down w/ only 3 runs), it was our big hitters that brought us to the 7-3 win against San Diego.  It all began in the 2nd, when Reyes tripled to deep center bringing in DiFelice and Hernandez to score, making it a tie game.  We took the lead in the second when Chaves hit a sacrifice fly, bringing in Reyes giving us the lead.  Now on to the stellar 7th inning.  My favorite, David Wright doubled to deep left, bringing in Reyes and moving Chavez to third.  Then Valentin singled to left bringing in Chavez and David to score, and moving Delgado to second (score now 6-3).  But it’s not over just yet…. Tucker doubled to deep left center bringing home Delgado for an insurance run and making the sore 7-3 (Final).  What a game, I only wish I could have been there to see it happen.  Now back on track, we move on to Washington.  We lost the last meeting, but hope for a different out come this time.  We begin the series w/ Glavine on the mound, hoping to improve on the rough July month he had (this will be his 25th start of the season).  He will be up against Traber, starting for the Nationals.  Let’s hope we can keep this winning streak going!  GO METS! 

What A Weekend at Shea!

WOW, what a weekend!  Got off to a rocky start on Friday, but the Mets showed up and played hard on Saturday & Sunday.  Kudos to David for some stellar defensive plays on Saturday and to Jose for that lovely grand slam Sunday night.  I was also very happy to see Milledge making some good outfield plays and get a good hit.  Here’s hoping he works out and can help us out when we reach playoff time.  Also, how about Maine pitching 6 shutout innings!  Just when I was starting to worry about our pitching team……  Any way, it is absolutely amazing to have such a stacked group of hitters on this team.  Makes you feel good about October.  Congrats to David and Jose for their contract extensions.  David8606 I know I am a happy gal to know those two will be wearing Mets colors for years to come.  Being so young (and already good at what they do) I cannot imagine how they will only get better w/ each passing year.  I’m excited!  A nice break today and up next is San Diego, as Piazza makes a return to Shea.  Looks like game one of the series will put Trachsel (10-5, 5.12) against Williams (4-3, 3.84).  The Padres are hot Piazzaafter an extra inning win against the Nationals.  This is an important series for the Padres, as they now have a 2 game lead in the NLW.  So, I have a feeling they will be coming to play.  But I know the Mets will do the same.  GO METS and good luck this week.

Flat in Florida

Well, not the best series we’ve ever had.  The Mets went down 2-1 against the Marlins strong hitters this week.  Pedro looked good, but we still fell short.  It seems as though some of our top offensive players are in a bit of a slump right now (Hang in there David and congrats on being nominated for the Hank Aaron award).  I wasn’t able to see any of the games (Living in TN doesn’t make it easy to be a Mets fan), but was keeping an eye on the bottom line to see how things were going.  Was very encouraged in the beginning, but after the 4 runs were scored it seemed a loss was inevitable.  Oh well, we’re still on top!  I have become increasingly concerned about the pitching we’ve got.  I feeCimg4589_1l good we have enough to get through the playoffs, but facing an AL team in the "Big Dance" makes me a little nervous.  However, it’s been 20 years and I certainly feel we are due.  So for the next 6 games we’re back home and I will actually get to see a couple of them this weekend.  Keep the faith Met fans and to the team, good luck against Phi!  We’re all behind you 100%.  GO METS!

Hot in Atlanta!

WOW!  What a great weekend in baseball for the NY Mets!  I was very pleased to see us sweep the Braves in ATL.  Kudos to Carlos Beltran for an OUTSTANDING performance in both the Saturday and Sunday games with two home runs in each game!Carlos It must have felt like history repeating itself for Beltran, except this time he was wearing a Mets jersey.  I can say I enjoyed watching us take out the Braves!  Given the history, it’s a nice treat knowing they more thank likely won’t win the division this year!  Sorry Amy (my friend and avid Braves Fan) but I don’t think your wish will come true this time, being we have now pushed the Braves 15 games out of 1st. Great job everyone!  Let’s keep this hot streak going as we move further south to Florida to take on the Marlins.  Good luck Pelfrey with your 4th career start.  Keep winning games and hitting big Mets!  Your fans are with you! 

Doing it right in Cincinnati

Cimg4488_1 I had the pleasure of traveling to Cincinnati the 19th and 20th, to see the Mets play the Reds.  What an amazing time!  I have been a long time Mets fan since 1986 (when the Mets beat Boston to win the world series) and have only had the chance to seem them play once live in Atlanta.  So, this was a big treat for me.  Mostly because I was going to be able to see David Wright (my favorite Met since Piazza left us for San Diego).  We missed the 1st game on the 18th, so I missed the 1st win for us.  My friend Craig is a big Reds fan so we had a good time talking trash about who would win the series.  We got seats right behind the Mets dugout and I was amazed!  I have never been that close in a baseball game in my life.  I had an excellent 3rd base view of David and great shots of the guys as they would come in and out of the dugout.  Unfortunately, mother nature took over and the rain came pouring down.  We all ran to a dry place and waited for the call… would we play or would they call it?  Fortunately after a 2 hr and 22 minute rain delay they decided to play on.  While clearing the field I hung out at the edge of the dugout with some Mets fans.   While standing around David Wright turned around and I waved at him.  I almost passed out when he waved back.  Thanks David!  You made my day!  Unfortunately, we lost that one but we would go on to have another chance the next day.  It was a hot one, but we made it.  Luckily, we were able to make our way down to the same spot (right behind the Mets dugout) and THIS TIME we remembered the camera.  Got some great shots I will post when I figure out how.  While the men were coming back into the dugout I waved at El Duque and he was kind enough to wave back.  It’s the little things that count!  Any ho, it was a close game, but we pulled it out and won it in the 10th.  GO METS!  I won the bet w/ my friend and left Cincinnati a VERY happy person.  I think I speak for all Mets fans when I say how happy I am with the stellar season!  Keep up the good work guys and I will see you this weekend in Atlanta!