Flat in Florida

Well, not the best series we’ve ever had.  The Mets went down 2-1 against the Marlins strong hitters this week.  Pedro looked good, but we still fell short.  It seems as though some of our top offensive players are in a bit of a slump right now (Hang in there David and congrats on being nominated for the Hank Aaron award).  I wasn’t able to see any of the games (Living in TN doesn’t make it easy to be a Mets fan), but was keeping an eye on the bottom line to see how things were going.  Was very encouraged in the beginning, but after the 4 runs were scored it seemed a loss was inevitable.  Oh well, we’re still on top!  I have become increasingly concerned about the pitching we’ve got.  I feeCimg4589_1l good we have enough to get through the playoffs, but facing an AL team in the "Big Dance" makes me a little nervous.  However, it’s been 20 years and I certainly feel we are due.  So for the next 6 games we’re back home and I will actually get to see a couple of them this weekend.  Keep the faith Met fans and to the team, good luck against Phi!  We’re all behind you 100%.  GO METS!



  1. Edward

    Ugh… lousy night against the Phills for our bullpen! All that matters is these guys get comfortable in their new roles for October. This Sanchez thing really hurts, but hopefully they get it together.

    If we make it to the World Series, anything goes… I know the BoSox smacked us around pretty good, but so few of our veterans have been to the show before, I know they’d be geared up for it. Hopefully they can will their way to the title!

    As for a photo album, I warn you, putting mine up required extensive help from my wife lol. But I usually save the pics in my computer’s “my pictures” file, then go to your mlblog login. Click on the “Photo Albums” link at the top, then go to “Create an Album.”

    Hopefully that gets you started!

    ~Eddie @ Willie Ball


  2. maranokidsrock@aim.com

    we do have to have pitching but wwe can make it and just because we are in the top we can lose everything a not become the world campions

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