What A Weekend at Shea!

WOW, what a weekend!  Got off to a rocky start on Friday, but the Mets showed up and played hard on Saturday & Sunday.  Kudos to David for some stellar defensive plays on Saturday and to Jose for that lovely grand slam Sunday night.  I was also very happy to see Milledge making some good outfield plays and get a good hit.  Here’s hoping he works out and can help us out when we reach playoff time.  Also, how about Maine pitching 6 shutout innings!  Just when I was starting to worry about our pitching team……  Any way, it is absolutely amazing to have such a stacked group of hitters on this team.  Makes you feel good about October.  Congrats to David and Jose for their contract extensions.  David8606 I know I am a happy gal to know those two will be wearing Mets colors for years to come.  Being so young (and already good at what they do) I cannot imagine how they will only get better w/ each passing year.  I’m excited!  A nice break today and up next is San Diego, as Piazza makes a return to Shea.  Looks like game one of the series will put Trachsel (10-5, 5.12) against Williams (4-3, 3.84).  The Padres are hot Piazzaafter an extra inning win against the Nationals.  This is an important series for the Padres, as they now have a 2 game lead in the NLW.  So, I have a feeling they will be coming to play.  But I know the Mets will do the same.  GO METS and good luck this week.



  1. cassbox20@aol.com

    Holy **** Beck-Dogg you should write for a living…

    Is “curling” season here yet?

    Seriously, when are we gonna go to Shea…I need my New York Fix…that is code for I need to PARTY!!!

    Later boo!!

  2. maranokidsrock@aim.com

    milledge is not doing so well anyone could catch that ball and he didnt because he joged there.Now David and Jose i am glad for them will have alot of things with the mets carlos beltan is doing good.


  3. david_daniels75@yahoo.com

    Angela, you call my man a jogger, could you have caught that ball; I think not! You seem to like David Wright so how do you react to his numerous throwing errors. Do you over look the routine ground balls he allows to play him instead of charging and playing the ball. David has a season and a half at one position. Millege has a bifurcated month and a half at 3 outfield positions; American league Ballparks; a west coast road trip direct from triple A. During the second game against San Diego, Millege advanced from first to third on a sacrifice bunt increasing his chances to score under more circumstances. On what team and during what game have you seen a jogger do that without an error on the play? Back up off Millege and give him the same room you gave Wright and Reyes. Work on your grammar and capital letters.
    David Daniels

    Los Angeles

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