Another Outstanding Performance at Shea

Well, the NY Mets have done it again.  No question as to why the NY Mets are # one right now.  Even w/ injuries and trades, it seems no one in the NL can keep us down.  Mixing the old with the new seems to be an awesome way to go, as we grow closer to October.  Kudos to Piazza for a nice performance over the last 3 days, but it wasn’t enough to keep us down.  Trachsel got us off to a good start on Wednesday, w/ Billy Wagner closing it out w/ another save.  Despite two Piazza home runs off Pedro on Wednesday, we pulled of another win, bringing us closer to our 3 game home sweep.  Now let’s talk about Thursday.  While Hernandez Hernandez did a nice job pitching (keeping the Padres down w/ only 3 runs), it was our big hitters that brought us to the 7-3 win against San Diego.  It all began in the 2nd, when Reyes tripled to deep center bringing in DiFelice and Hernandez to score, making it a tie game.  We took the lead in the second when Chaves hit a sacrifice fly, bringing in Reyes giving us the lead.  Now on to the stellar 7th inning.  My favorite, David Wright doubled to deep left, bringing in Reyes and moving Chavez to third.  Then Valentin singled to left bringing in Chavez and David to score, and moving Delgado to second (score now 6-3).  But it’s not over just yet…. Tucker doubled to deep left center bringing home Delgado for an insurance run and making the sore 7-3 (Final).  What a game, I only wish I could have been there to see it happen.  Now back on track, we move on to Washington.  We lost the last meeting, but hope for a different out come this time.  We begin the series w/ Glavine on the mound, hoping to improve on the rough July month he had (this will be his 25th start of the season).  He will be up against Traber, starting for the Nationals.  Let’s hope we can keep this winning streak going!  GO METS! 




    Yo, Beck Dogg…
    Well done Boo! Seriously, you need to start “Wrighting” professionally…

    The Braves had a GREAT night last night….we were off!!

  2. Jack

    Man, the Mets blogs on here are blowing up. I’ll have to add you to my list. I love that we’re rolling over everyone in the league so badly that the only things the media has to talk about is Duke’s divorce!

    Do you ever hang out at any Mets message boards? I used to go to the ESPN one, but it’s way too ridiculous now. Now I hang out at

    you should stop by.


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