Mets Secure A Series Win In DC

Despite a strong performance by Glavine, the Nats took game one in Washington with Traber on the mound.  We would answer back though.  On Saturday, we were ready to play.  Even though Maine’s scoreless steak ended, we ended up beating them 6-4.  The Mets took the lead early in the 3rd, with Maine, Reyes and Lo Duca all touching home base, giving us a 3-0 lead.  We kept the lead until the 6th inning, when A Soriano homered to center and brought Castro home (4-3).  Later in the inning Lopez scored making it a tie game.   That wouldn’t last long.  Our big hitters took the stage in the 7th inning.  Beltran and Wright scored, giving us the lead again and we would maintain that for the rest of the game.  Wagner came in and closed out the 9th inning for us, securing the win.  On to Sunday.  It was a pitchers duel!  Trachsel pitched some strong innings, allowing the Nats only one run (a Soriano home run).  The Nats kept the lead until the 7th inning (what is it about us doing so well in the 7th inning?) when Mr. Wright came home with the tying run.  Michael Tucker hit his first home run in more than a year to break the tie in the eighth inning.  Tucker Then in the 9th J Valentin hit a sacrifice fly to right and C Beltran scored, making the score 3-2.  Bring in the closer!  Wagner comes in and closes out another game for us.  We took the series 2-1.  Now we move on to Philly.  They are looking to redeem themselves after a 2-1 series loss to the Reds.  Looks like it will be Pedro (9-4) will be going against Hamels (4-6).  Pedro is going for his 10th win against the Phillies tonight.  This is his 17th career start against them and is (as I read earlier) only 15 strikeouts shy of becoming the 14th Major League pitcher to reach the 3,000 mark.  The Mets hope to further extend their lead in the NL East.  We’re behind you all the way!  GO METS!!!!


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