Well, not a whole lot to say about our series against the Phillies.  Thank goodness we have a hefty lead in our division.  Otherwise that would have been MUCH more painful to watch.  Glad for the win in game four…. no one wants to be swept.  Here’s to hoping for a more prosperous series against Colorado.  GO METS!



  1. dna93@optonline.net

    we ply well butt its hard too play 10 man team the stl picthing is not great butt the umbiers ur hearting my team they calling strikes balls making ur pithers to throrw more in the boxes making more easyer for stl hitters too hit the ball when the mets come up to bat the boxes get biger!!! dear lord plz give us a fiar umpoiar ur next game thank you god? lets go mets

  2. dessi1002@yahoo.com

    Send Your Emails- Or write to FOX! Mets Fans! Not to be a bad fan, in the best sport, we had a great year. We can’t be satisfied because “WE BELONG” in Detroit on Saturday evening taking Batting Practice! Game 7 stings a whole lot, but we took the NL East. Our team has a firm foundation and we will return in ’07. However…FOX Sports dropped the ball by placing two, St. Louis Cardinals loyalist in the booth. Tim McCarver was a great voice for the Mets back in the late 80’s. How ever the Mets organization game him his “Walking Papers” maybe unknown, his on-air comments

    during the entire NLCS were totally anti-Mets. Joe Buck, who very well may be walking in his dads footsteps, is practically on the Cardinals payroll! He does a whole lot of Cards games and between the two of them, the NLCS telecast was “NOT OBJECTIVE” at all… Those two guys need to press rewind and hear themselves…

    So Mets Fans, press rewind and you’ll hear all the nonsense I heard… During the course of a great series… Good Luck STL. I won’t be watching, because my beautiful 62″ HD-TV cost me way too much to keep the World Series in “mute.”

    Write or Voice Your Displeasure to FOX. Run with it on all message boards, shout it to SNY or ESPN, these two Jokers in the booth called that “Molina H/R” as if the game was in STL….

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