A Memorable Weekend At Shea

It was 20 years ago that the NY Mets "Dream Team, as I like to call them, beat the Boston Red Sox and gave NY a World Series win.  They stood on the field together, wearing their throwback jerseys and were celebrated for being an amazing part of Mets history.  They were applauded by a full house, high fiving and hugging each other as there were remembered for their brilliance 20 years ago.  AHHH, the glory.  That joy carried on through the night as the Mets beat Colorado 7-4.   We went on to win again 2-0 Sunday afternoon.  It was a great pitching performance by Hernandez, along with "The Closer" went on keep Colorado from scoring a run.  It was a beautiful game, and that win gave us the sweep.  Tomorrow we take on St. Louis, who is looking to maintain their lead in the NL Central.  This 3 game series could be a preview of what could be in the post season.  We’ve got Maine (3-3) going against Weaver (5-13).  We played some really good baseball this weekend and I hope that will continue though the rest of this week.  GO METS!!!


Bad news this weekend about Glavine.  With Pedro out for a while and the possibility of losing Glavine, it looks like we could be in for a struggle heading into the post season.  The question everyone seems to be asking is, "Should we have done more to trade before the deadline?".  It looks like Heilman is stepping up to the plate and working hard, knowing he could possibly become a very strong part of the bullpen now.  My thoughts are with Glavine.  I can’t imagine facing a possible career ending issue.  The Mets may have a tough road ahead, but as we proved 20 years ago… anything can happen and we’ve got a good group of guys that can make it happen.



  1. dockery05@comcast.net

    to all mets fans,
    this has been a incredible year for us and what a ride! don’t jump ship just yet! no one thought at the beginning of the year,on august 21, we have this big lead and playing this well! keep glavine in your prayers and “you’ve gotta believe”. this past weekend was special!

    that 86′ team (in my heart) was one of the greatest teams of all-time! i loved that team and it brought back a lot of memories seeing most of that team again! 86 was special and so is 06! let’s go mets!

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